17 November 2017

a desk full of pidgeons...

Mijn hele werktafel ligt vol met duiven, maar deze twee vind ik het leukst.
Of a desk full of pidgeons I like these two best.

10 November 2017

making adjustments to your blog - sharing tips...

I have been busy making adjustments to my blog. And I'd like to share the links to the info that I used. In case you are thinking about changing the look of your blog too, this may save you some time looking for the right info. 

Of course there are a number of new blogger themes available now. And a lot more to find on internet. But it seems you may lose some of the widgets in the sidebar, using these themes. And I can't find one I like. So I decided to make changes this way. Happy to share, hope it may help you too.

Changes can be made by adding CSS on Customize Theme > Advances > Add CSS. And/or making changes to the HTML of your blog.
But before making any change....... ALWAYS BACKUP YOUR BLOG FIRST!!!

 I also made a testblog: a new blog that I kept private. So I could try out every change there first, without ruining my painting blog. Many of the things I tried, did not work or looked awful. So this testblog proved very useful.
So here is a list of links to changes that did work for me. Have fun! :)

Centering header

Centering menu/page navigation

Numbered page navigation

Remove image borders

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Back to Top button

Social Media buttons with Font Awesome

Contact Page

5 ways to make Popular Posts widget look better

7 things to remove from blogger

Sites where you can find more adjustments and widgets for Blogger blogs:


Code it Pretty

Blogger Widgets

Tutorials: The Cutest Blog on the Block

Blogtips: Great Fun

13 October 2017

old grapes...

 Een ouder schilderij uit 2015 waarvan ik ontdekte dat het nog niet eerder op mijn blog stond. Ik kijk er elke dag naar want ik heb het ingelijst. De kleuren zijn veel intenser dan op deze afbeeldingen. 
Een kleurig weekend gewenst!

An older painting from 2015. I found out it was not published on my blog before.
I look at it every day for I framed it. The colours are much more intense that shown on these images.
Have a colourful weekend! 

18 September 2017

chestnut time...

Ze zijn er weer en ik raapte ze op, om te schilderen en te fotograferen.
Ik heb ze al vaker geschilderd, zie hier.
Deze keer heb ik ook een blad meegenomen.
Het is herfst.

Ook heb ik foto's van kastanjes gemaakt voor mijn nieuwe blog.
Ik heb er mijn foto's van Deventer ondergebracht, maar ook nieuwe stukjes geschreven.
Het Deventer gedeelte is ook in het Engels, maar de rest is alleen Nederlands.
Neem een kijkje: Judy's blog.


They are here again and I picked them up, to paint and to take photos.
I painted them earlier, see here.
I took a leaf this time as well.
Autumn is here.

I also took photos of chestnuts for my new blog.
My Deventer photos are on that blog, but I also wrote some new stories.
The Deventer part is in Dutch and English, but the rest is only in Dutch.
For writing a story I best express myself in my own language.
There is a translate button at the bottom, but the translation is appalling, sorry.
Take a look: Judy's blog.

07 August 2017

colours of the rainbow

Rechte lijnen zijn niet mijn sterkste punt, dus ze zien er een beetje wiebelig uit. Heb dat nog geaccentueerd met spatten en vlekken. 

Straight lines are not my forte, so they look a bit wobbly. I accentuated that with splashes and stains.